Mon Petit Julie Bucket (makemewana_lala) wrote,
Mon Petit Julie Bucket


haha i was just talking to gina, and were remembering old times when our friend used to be in love with jesse mccartney bck when he was in a band. and we were all crazy hahahaha good times good times me and gina are just too crazy kids haha

so today no snow day how upsetting but brittany didnt go to school!!!! poop, but tomorrow me britty and cory are playing in the snowness possibly kate but its yugoslavian christmas and her vera celebrates it so we shall see. and then good ole pizza hut pizza on friday or sat depending if i go out to dinner pour mon pere anniversaire

im so sick of french lol like i just feel like giving up blaahhhhh like knowing a few key phrases is cool and like i can speak it but writing and listening to the teacher is just soo blaahh ugh

man i really miss gina lol were sitting here talking bout 7th grade and how that was the life... like seriously jr high was amazing like you got hw but it wasnt a lot

je suis une bonne prof!!
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