Mon Petit Julie Bucket (makemewana_lala) wrote,
Mon Petit Julie Bucket

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so today i went to the mall and got 2 shirts with my giftcard gotta love the giftcards

tonight i saw the aviator.... omg that dude is crazzyyyy and his butt is not nice either, me and kate kept giggling like man he needs to do butt excersises or something mannn...... god its one of those bad films thats guna win like every academy award.. critics are stupid... god crazyness.

on the way home kate was like pressed up to the gas tank it kinda looked like she was humping it haha and the asain/chinease i duno guy wanted her she said haha

blaahhh crazy ppl who use napkins to open doors and pee in milk bottles and wash there hands a million and a half times a day geeeezzz good thing leo was in it and jude haha
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