Mon Petit Julie Bucket (makemewana_lala) wrote,
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lalalal see!!

so today was funners, me and brittany drove to the katers house tonz of nsync funness and weve decided that were making a twister movie in the field on book road bc it totally looks like that movie and i yell its a twister every time.. anywho kates papa talked to us about college and how brittanys going places and me and kate will just marry rich yahh its our plan so then we went to the mall to do some returns and this guy kept saying heck yah man goshhh sillyface!!!!

then we got soem lil caesars pizzas and my god they didnt have our order ready how dare they!!!! p;layed with the pretty sophie girl and had some good convers with the hill a nater and then we went to jewel and took sophs and got confused bout cranberries

then on the way home me and brittany were in a challenge i was tottally kicking ass but then this guy with bright lights came out of NOWHERE and wouldnt let me get in front of his stupid black cars ass and then i had to change lanes and ppl were getting mad that i was beating them... o yeah and i almost missed brittanys street again!!!

kittens 2m!!!
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