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oh i wish i was a fish [entries|friends|calendar]
Mon Petit Julie Bucket

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[31 Mar 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so yesterday was fun i hung out with the gina ness and man i havent seen her in forever!!!

we watched some good ole harry potter hahah and ate some sphgetti o's man those are good and were crazy and we go out into that hail storm to go see a movie were crazzy kids... almost died how fun so we saw miss congenilatiy 2... not the greatest film first one much better

then we stopped at good ole krispey kreme and wow memories.... i havent had one of those in a longgg time

so today i think me and nat are guna so something bc i havent seen her in forever

and omg i miss brittany!!!! she can never leave me again!!!

my dream job is to be a co-host on the view hhahahah me and nat already have it planned out

4 days ppl are you excited or what! i know i am
i love this time of the year
it is truly better than christmas... they should really change that song...

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hmm im in the mood to update!! [14 Mar 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

wow so 3rd quarter almost over, scary bc i really need to raise my math grade up to a c hehehe, but we have extra credit coming up and a test, which i figure i have to do better on it bc it'll be more on the new stuff which i understand. which is good

so anywho i get my hair cut tomorrow yay fro new haircuts

omg im like kate deprived i have not seen her in forever and a half!! my moms been buying her gifts hahaha, she loves kate and britty more than me hahaha and she complains how she never sees brittany as well which is true bc brittany's dance needs to finish so brittany has time for her julie!!! aaahhhhhh serioulsy my house has like waayyy too much food in it!!!!!

anywho.... been hanging with the katieness alot which is awesome bc shes amazing x 7 our car rides are awesome and omg we managed not to get lost once this weekend!!! really oddd

snow is no fun esp when your in naperville driving back from starbucks and katie freaks out and me and nicole are laughing in the back... so it ended up katie was really distracted by all the snow bc it was "purty" so she wanted to watch it for a bit so i took over watching for cars... man were safe

so i got some money from the federal govt today hahah good ole whoping 27.40 but hey cant win em all and then i got 40 from babysitting but spent 20 already hehehehehehe

o yeah katies dog smells like ass!!! hahaha we took him in the car and o man me and katie were grossed out

so kt decided to drive by his vet place and scare him

o wow were nice ppl!!!

brittys one up on me!!! we decided this while walking to the bus... she has more knowledge, shes taller, has bigger feet and ears, and has more kittens and puppy than me! bah

and kates pretty!!!! ahh julie misses thee kate and thee sopher girl

ahhh kittens 2m!!!!1 julie+lola= lovveeeeee a hahhahaah shes such a pretty cat muahah shes my desktop

hmm i just turned my head and theres this door which is a mirror staring back at me kinda creepy at first but o well

what an update!

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[13 Mar 2005|06:43pm]
well long time w/o an update

anywho school is stupid

very stupid

esp math!

so i had to plan a trip to walt disney world now i really wana go

i saw katie a lot this weekend

brittany was in indianna

i bought ladder 49 great movie
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lalala [20 Feb 2005|10:59am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so yesterday i was with katie once again hahaha we were with each other for 24 hrs or soemthing more... me and her made us some breakfest pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast hahah were fatsos... then i vaccummed the stairs...

went to the mall and stuff ate some mini hotdogs drove some where but managed not to get lost... but we lost the car at the mall... went out the wrong entrance and it wasnt there... katie was amazed that she pressed a button and someone elses lights went on but really the boys that were walking behind us did it hahaha

so anywho

spring break im prolly going to arizona.... for spring training muhahahahahahha i am super super excited!!!

so i get to go visit me grams in chicago today joy

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[18 Feb 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello all!

Its katie again... well tonight i wasnt suppose to be out with julie but a mishap happened... and we hung out.. and 2 blondes is never good.

so we started off in westmont and the next thing we know we are on lagrange road so we're like okay we'll just take this road and turn around, and instead of turning around... i get on a highway.. and i was like crying cuz it was really really scary.. and julie was being my drivers ed teacher and telling me like what to do cuz i was flipping out.

then like a half hour went by and we are like screw this so we stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, and of course the guy doesnt speak english so we loaded up on food and went back on the road...

the next thing we knew.. we were in cicero.... (a helpfull hit for all u drivers out there: dont drive in cicero alone...) so i called erika (the goddess of like directions) and she told us to turn around and to follow that down to like some st. and as we were at some stop light these really creepy ugly boys were making sexual and obsene gestures at us.. and julie wouldnt turn her head cuz she was afraid they had a gun.. so then we were like crying.. hahhaha it was sooo scary.

then eventually we saw the zoo and we were like yes!! so we finally made it back to downers grove and we went to visit andy.. and we got lost from there too.. so that was our adventure for tonight..

who knows what we will do tomorrow..

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ROAD TRIP!! [12 Feb 2005|11:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well, once again this isnt Julie, its Katie! Well, i went to go pick julie up at like 1 and we went to steak n shake and then drove around...

we went to khols so i could get sun glasses cuz my other billion pairs were gay. and then when we went to check out julie wanted to go in the shorter line but i didnt cuz there was this really hot guy in the long line. so i waited in that line...

After that... the adventure began..haha

we went to find this kids house, because we were really bored... well that was are excuse. well since i had some idea of where he lived, i think we were the right neighborhood. we saw what looked like his car but it was in this parking lot of all these really poor sad looking houses. so we were like no way could he live there. cuz that would be sad. so we went to his work and saw his car!!! oh man we almost had a heart attack, and he was leaving... and we were gunna follow him but i didnt make my turn fast enough.... so i blew it. damn it. so we were driving down this one street and we ended up in WEST HINSDALE!!

i have no idea how we ended up there...but we did and i was scared cuz it was like scary..haha. oh man today was an adventure for me and the juliemonster. we are gunna go stalk someone else next saturday cuz we nothing better to do.


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baby spice ness [11 Feb 2005|06:40pm]
[ mood | creative ]

this is totally me..... brittanys posh

Take the quiz: "Which Spice Girl Are You?"

Baby Spice (Emma)
Well, youre like baby. what can i say? you like the color pink, your not to smart, you like to pretend youre sweet and innocent when really youre just a bitch whose mean to everyone.

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[06 Feb 2005|10:21am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

so it was really sad the kitties that me and brittany like love got adopted... i mean its great for them but it was saddness all around.. so we grew attached to boo. but then these old ppl might foster him, or angel. so yeah brittany likes the johnnyness and he is a cuter. he'll stick his lil paw out at you and liek touch your head when your near the cage its adorable.

so usually we see all these cute dogs going to get bathed and stuffed there and we saw one of the cutest dogs.... the jane diz!! brittanys mommy and daddy came to drop her off. it was really special that she was there so i went out side to play with her hehehe.... she looked soo prettyful afterwards and got a purple bandana.. she also wanted to play with the kittens inside hehehe...

so then me and the britter went to targs spent a good amount of time in there and then went to claires to get me some awesome awesome beads! i mean there super... ones pink, then black(like my soul~kate) and then white... and then i got white pearly beads for a necklace... inspiration from ashlee simpson.

then we went to fox valley to look for a skirt for me and the kater met us up there... i didnt get anything but mannn watch out for brittany with a credit card!!! jk heheheh. but she got some coolio stuff like sparkley shoes!!

anywho im going to my grams today that shall be fun... but it'll also be sad bc her doggie whisper wont be there no more :(

so todays the superbowl?? me and my dad are getting some awesome awesome food bc theres liek none in our household bc my moms on a diet... yesterday i had to make myself pankcakes for lunch bc there was liek no lunch meat

9 flippin days!

holy shit im so excited

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happiness!!! [04 Feb 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wow brittany is smart!!! like really smart!!!! me and kate are wondering if we'll get into isu or not... brittanys geting into college where ever she applies.. but i like working with her in sociology bc shes pretty!!!

so today the me and kate day!! bc brittany is out witht the momsey!! thats majestical!!

kitties are fun!!!

i got my report card today

me and kate are rooming together in college bc were both messy... and brittanys too smart for us... but we still love her. and when me her and kate all live together were guna have sections of the house.. mine and kates room(messy) and then brittanys section (clean). and were guna bring sophie and a kitten bc sophie is amazing and hill hates sophie sometimes and i love the sophies bc shes so pretty and kittens are fun.. and brittany i think would die w/o a kitty in her household and we dont want that to happen. bc then if we have psychological problems we might actually have to pay for them!

anywho i like to poo, in the zoo, with the kangeroos, why dont you go move to peru, and marry a jew, cuz your fav number is two, and jesus loves you!!!

wow were amazing at rhymes... maybe me and kate will become poets.


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[03 Feb 2005|03:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hello people!! thursday already woaah the time flies! so i have like 3 1/2 tests 2m.. the half is french and i think its a test but im not sure lol some test thinger on verbs and future tense shant be too hard but i need to memorize some forms of them.... then physics blah! math ahhh!! and consumer ec, boring, so yeah tonz of fun... but on sat its volenteer time with the kittys!!!! there so precious.. therre might be a new kitty bc indi got adopted yay for him!!

strange thing ive been waking up at like 3:15 every night to look to see what time it is and then to go back to bed its very very strange

i ate peanut butter cookies just now

i hate school

but i dont hate brittany!!!

i have that stupid act class 2m

and o yeah everybody liked "my" title for my english paper, that brittany made up its the bomb thats an automatic a+ on that paper just bc of the title and brittany marie calvert made it up

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lalalal see!! [28 Jan 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so today was funners, me and brittany drove to the katers house tonz of nsync funness and weve decided that were making a twister movie in the field on book road bc it totally looks like that movie and i yell its a twister every time.. anywho kates papa talked to us about college and how brittanys going places and me and kate will just marry rich yahh its our plan so then we went to the mall to do some returns and this guy kept saying heck yah man goshhh sillyface!!!!

then we got soem lil caesars pizzas and my god they didnt have our order ready how dare they!!!! p;layed with the pretty sophie girl and had some good convers with the hill a nater and then we went to jewel and took sophs and got confused bout cranberries

then on the way home me and brittany were in a challenge i was tottally kicking ass but then this guy with bright lights came out of NOWHERE and wouldnt let me get in front of his stupid black cars ass and then i had to change lanes and ppl were getting mad that i was beating them... o yeah and i almost missed brittanys street again!!!

kittens 2m!!!

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useless update [23 Jan 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i changed my desktop its a doggie that looks like jane-dogg..kittens on tuesday yaya

i ate one to many cheese mania cheez balls

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i stole this from brittany who stole this from kate [23 Jan 2005|01:07pm]

J is for Jealous
U is for Unusual
L is for Lucky
I is for Irresistible
A is for Abstract
N is for Neat
N is for Nutty

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My WONDERFULL day with Katie [22 Jan 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hello. Just to let you all no.. this is not julie.. shes gone. this is katie. again. hello all. well today julie came over to my house and she waited for me to get ready... and then we went for a walk in the snow. well we couldnt get out of my backyard... so we hopped the fence. it was AMAZING. Julie couldnt do it. at first. but. she did. kinda. moving on. did u kno that it is really really hard to walk in snow? it is... well we brought julies big blue cool fun sled with. but we didnt use it. We walked over by the library... like in those trees.. yeah well honestly i had absoluetly no idea where i was going... so i led her into all these trees.. i got caught.. i was trapped. and i was scared and julie just laughed. bah.

we had a really intresting talk about boys... and recent lovers. and how much they are evil nnow. but we arent gunna name names. e-dawg... well we talked about friends and how some of them piss the hell outa us.. and we arent gunna name any names here either. brittany ur amazing. moving on. then we walked home and it was really really cold. brrrr.

THEN. i showed julie the picture of the squirrell.. mwhahahaha stupid sophmore. we watched to sound of music and a question came to mind.. why doesnt la have something fun? ya know.. do a deer... re a drop of golden sun... so on. and then theres la "a note to follow so".. come on now they could have put a lil more effort into la. but no.....

well now we are going to take julie back to her temple. good night all. good night moon. good night cow jumping of the moon. good night kittens in their mittens... and the old lady saying hush...

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shut it [21 Jan 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | shut it ]

dude people suck!!! not brittany... shes here btw....

so finals are over i tend not to stress over those things bc i feel that if you stress over them your just stupid.. i mean who does good on those anyways if your name isnt brittany marie calver.. i mean you cant win em all!!!

my new phrase is shut it! brittany just realized that im wearing glasses.... theres a whale on brittanys shirt.... big macs are fun and amazingly yummy! in the tummy!

kate is working right now bitch ass hoe!!! but now this way shes earning money to buy julie a wonderful birthday present which btw people is in like 18 weeks.. which is like how many weeks left of school...

you know how it is rockin and rollin and what not...

yeah eat your heart out

with relish

just kidding brittany!!

alright brittany is making me get off now so were off to have tonz o funz... maybe sledding??? bc thats what all the cool kids do

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il neige [20 Jan 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

so finals week how fun! yesterday i had math and i thought it was reallly easy like super easy i started getting scared that i was doing it wrong but i think i did ok which is good bc i need a b in that class to make up for physics which by the way that final was impossiblE! i started guessing and saying hmm i havent used a in a while.. psych was umm okay i wrote a letter to my future children hhaha and french we wrote an essay

so 2m in ceramics were drinking out of our cups and cleaning joy.. and then english 3 essays even more fun

but i really love getting out at 1 every day and 1m 11:15 and monday 11:15 gotta love it and I HAVE A CLASS WITH BRITTANY!!!!!! EXCITING TIMES 4!!! and nothing is better than julie and brittany food

we volenteered with kitties!!!! i heart Hutch!! so purty!!! brittany likes starlight and hopes those foreign ppl dont adopt her so we can play with her lol o kittens are exciting

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kittens [17 Jan 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

so yesterday i played roller coaster tycoon a lot hahaha. then nat called me and asked if i wanted to go to her house and help her and her friend molly and she help me so i went got some work done and played with tobey. ommggg he is the cutest thing i have ever seen. he was laying on me and i just wanted to like take him home with me lol

then me and nat saw coach carter. it was pretty good

today i layed around it was nice...

my fish died today.. lucy was a good fish

finals this week how fun!!!

but kittens are funner!

heheh i like the lil surprised guy face hehe

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hola [06 Jan 2005|04:28pm]
haha i was just talking to gina, and were remembering old times when our friend used to be in love with jesse mccartney bck when he was in a band. and we were all crazy hahahaha good times good times me and gina are just too crazy kids haha

so today no snow day how upsetting but brittany didnt go to school!!!! poop, but tomorrow me britty and cory are playing in the snowness possibly kate but its yugoslavian christmas and her vera celebrates it so we shall see. and then good ole pizza hut pizza on friday or sat depending if i go out to dinner pour mon pere anniversaire

im so sick of french lol like i just feel like giving up blaahhhhh like knowing a few key phrases is cool and like i can speak it but writing and listening to the teacher is just soo blaahh ugh

man i really miss gina lol were sitting here talking bout 7th grade and how that was the life... like seriously jr high was amazing like you got hw but it wasnt a lot

je suis une bonne prof!!
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je suis une bonne prof!!!! [03 Jan 2005|07:37pm]
[ mood | full ]

now i have 2 songs in my head the lindsay lohen song and jesse mccartney man i gotta stop watching trl haha..... so folks i went on like 3 hrs of sleep today how fun!! i mean who likes waking up when it is dark out??? not me!! i went for the i dont care look today....

i should be reading gatsby right now but i feel liek talking to the britster..

IM THE JOEY!!!!!!!!! hahaha but man i totally am and ducks and geese are cool...

brittany the mon... man is she the mon and good ole kate the chandlerness.... it really is quite scary.... the similarities between her and him.. ive been watching season 8 alot... and o yeah we said cory is ross bc shes a smarty liek him and kates step momers is pheobe.. gotta love her

so good ole finals are coming up not to worried just prolly gotta study for physics a lot and then mon schedule changes haha... consumer ec 1st gym 3rd with the lovely alyssa and soc 8th with the bodacious brittany i finally have a class with her wow!! im excited times 3

my mom got out the croc today.... its always scary when the croc comes out... you never know what you are putting in your mouthers..

brittanys gretchen!

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[28 Dec 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

so today i went to the mall and got 2 shirts with my giftcard gotta love the giftcards

tonight i saw the aviator.... omg that dude is crazzyyyy and his butt is not nice either, me and kate kept giggling like man he needs to do butt excersises or something mannn...... god its one of those bad films thats guna win like every academy award.. critics are stupid... god crazyness.

on the way home kate was like pressed up to the gas tank it kinda looked like she was humping it haha and the asain/chinease i duno guy wanted her she said haha

blaahhh crazy ppl who use napkins to open doors and pee in milk bottles and wash there hands a million and a half times a day geeeezzz good thing leo was in it and jude haha

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