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il neige

so finals week how fun! yesterday i had math and i thought it was reallly easy like super easy i started getting scared that i was doing it wrong but i think i did ok which is good bc i need a b in that class to make up for physics which by the way that final was impossiblE! i started guessing and saying hmm i havent used a in a while.. psych was umm okay i wrote a letter to my future children hhaha and french we wrote an essay

so 2m in ceramics were drinking out of our cups and cleaning joy.. and then english 3 essays even more fun

but i really love getting out at 1 every day and 1m 11:15 and monday 11:15 gotta love it and I HAVE A CLASS WITH BRITTANY!!!!!! EXCITING TIMES 4!!! and nothing is better than julie and brittany food

we volenteered with kitties!!!! i heart Hutch!! so purty!!! brittany likes starlight and hopes those foreign ppl dont adopt her so we can play with her lol o kittens are exciting
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