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je suis une bonne prof!!!!

now i have 2 songs in my head the lindsay lohen song and jesse mccartney man i gotta stop watching trl haha..... so folks i went on like 3 hrs of sleep today how fun!! i mean who likes waking up when it is dark out??? not me!! i went for the i dont care look today....

i should be reading gatsby right now but i feel liek talking to the britster..

IM THE JOEY!!!!!!!!! hahaha but man i totally am and ducks and geese are cool...

brittany the mon... man is she the mon and good ole kate the chandlerness.... it really is quite scary.... the similarities between her and him.. ive been watching season 8 alot... and o yeah we said cory is ross bc shes a smarty liek him and kates step momers is pheobe.. gotta love her

so good ole finals are coming up not to worried just prolly gotta study for physics a lot and then mon schedule changes haha... consumer ec 1st gym 3rd with the lovely alyssa and soc 8th with the bodacious brittany i finally have a class with her wow!! im excited times 3

my mom got out the croc today.... its always scary when the croc comes out... you never know what you are putting in your mouthers..

brittanys gretchen!
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