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hmm im in the mood to update!!

wow so 3rd quarter almost over, scary bc i really need to raise my math grade up to a c hehehe, but we have extra credit coming up and a test, which i figure i have to do better on it bc it'll be more on the new stuff which i understand. which is good

so anywho i get my hair cut tomorrow yay fro new haircuts

omg im like kate deprived i have not seen her in forever and a half!! my moms been buying her gifts hahaha, she loves kate and britty more than me hahaha and she complains how she never sees brittany as well which is true bc brittany's dance needs to finish so brittany has time for her julie!!! aaahhhhhh serioulsy my house has like waayyy too much food in it!!!!!

anywho.... been hanging with the katieness alot which is awesome bc shes amazing x 7 our car rides are awesome and omg we managed not to get lost once this weekend!!! really oddd

snow is no fun esp when your in naperville driving back from starbucks and katie freaks out and me and nicole are laughing in the back... so it ended up katie was really distracted by all the snow bc it was "purty" so she wanted to watch it for a bit so i took over watching for cars... man were safe

so i got some money from the federal govt today hahah good ole whoping 27.40 but hey cant win em all and then i got 40 from babysitting but spent 20 already hehehehehehe

o yeah katies dog smells like ass!!! hahaha we took him in the car and o man me and katie were grossed out

so kt decided to drive by his vet place and scare him

o wow were nice ppl!!!

brittys one up on me!!! we decided this while walking to the bus... she has more knowledge, shes taller, has bigger feet and ears, and has more kittens and puppy than me! bah

and kates pretty!!!! ahh julie misses thee kate and thee sopher girl

ahhh kittens 2m!!!!1 julie+lola= lovveeeeee a hahhahaah shes such a pretty cat muahah shes my desktop

hmm i just turned my head and theres this door which is a mirror staring back at me kinda creepy at first but o well

what an update!
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