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Well, once again this isnt Julie, its Katie! Well, i went to go pick julie up at like 1 and we went to steak n shake and then drove around...

we went to khols so i could get sun glasses cuz my other billion pairs were gay. and then when we went to check out julie wanted to go in the shorter line but i didnt cuz there was this really hot guy in the long line. so i waited in that line...

After that... the adventure began..haha

we went to find this kids house, because we were really bored... well that was are excuse. well since i had some idea of where he lived, i think we were the right neighborhood. we saw what looked like his car but it was in this parking lot of all these really poor sad looking houses. so we were like no way could he live there. cuz that would be sad. so we went to his work and saw his car!!! oh man we almost had a heart attack, and he was leaving... and we were gunna follow him but i didnt make my turn fast enough.... so i blew it. damn it. so we were driving down this one street and we ended up in WEST HINSDALE!!

i have no idea how we ended up there...but we did and i was scared cuz it was like scary..haha. oh man today was an adventure for me and the juliemonster. we are gunna go stalk someone else next saturday cuz we nothing better to do.

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