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wow brittany is smart!!! like really smart!!!! me and kate are wondering if we'll get into isu or not... brittanys geting into college where ever she applies.. but i like working with her in sociology bc shes pretty!!!

so today the me and kate day!! bc brittany is out witht the momsey!! thats majestical!!

kitties are fun!!!

i got my report card today

me and kate are rooming together in college bc were both messy... and brittanys too smart for us... but we still love her. and when me her and kate all live together were guna have sections of the house.. mine and kates room(messy) and then brittanys section (clean). and were guna bring sophie and a kitten bc sophie is amazing and hill hates sophie sometimes and i love the sophies bc shes so pretty and kittens are fun.. and brittany i think would die w/o a kitty in her household and we dont want that to happen. bc then if we have psychological problems we might actually have to pay for them!

anywho i like to poo, in the zoo, with the kangeroos, why dont you go move to peru, and marry a jew, cuz your fav number is two, and jesus loves you!!!

wow were amazing at rhymes... maybe me and kate will become poets.

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