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hello people!! thursday already woaah the time flies! so i have like 3 1/2 tests 2m.. the half is french and i think its a test but im not sure lol some test thinger on verbs and future tense shant be too hard but i need to memorize some forms of them.... then physics blah! math ahhh!! and consumer ec, boring, so yeah tonz of fun... but on sat its volenteer time with the kittys!!!! there so precious.. therre might be a new kitty bc indi got adopted yay for him!!

strange thing ive been waking up at like 3:15 every night to look to see what time it is and then to go back to bed its very very strange

i ate peanut butter cookies just now

i hate school

but i dont hate brittany!!!

i have that stupid act class 2m

and o yeah everybody liked "my" title for my english paper, that brittany made up its the bomb thats an automatic a+ on that paper just bc of the title and brittany marie calvert made it up
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