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My WONDERFULL day with Katie

Hello. Just to let you all no.. this is not julie.. shes gone. this is katie. again. hello all. well today julie came over to my house and she waited for me to get ready... and then we went for a walk in the snow. well we couldnt get out of my backyard... so we hopped the fence. it was AMAZING. Julie couldnt do it. at first. but. she did. kinda. moving on. did u kno that it is really really hard to walk in snow? it is... well we brought julies big blue cool fun sled with. but we didnt use it. We walked over by the library... like in those trees.. yeah well honestly i had absoluetly no idea where i was going... so i led her into all these trees.. i got caught.. i was trapped. and i was scared and julie just laughed. bah.

we had a really intresting talk about boys... and recent lovers. and how much they are evil nnow. but we arent gunna name names. e-dawg... well we talked about friends and how some of them piss the hell outa us.. and we arent gunna name any names here either. brittany ur amazing. moving on. then we walked home and it was really really cold. brrrr.

THEN. i showed julie the picture of the squirrell.. mwhahahaha stupid sophmore. we watched to sound of music and a question came to mind.. why doesnt la have something fun? ya know.. do a deer... re a drop of golden sun... so on. and then theres la "a note to follow so".. come on now they could have put a lil more effort into la. but no.....

well now we are going to take julie back to her temple. good night all. good night moon. good night cow jumping of the moon. good night kittens in their mittens... and the old lady saying hush...
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