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shut it

dude people suck!!! not brittany... shes here btw....

so finals are over i tend not to stress over those things bc i feel that if you stress over them your just stupid.. i mean who does good on those anyways if your name isnt brittany marie calver.. i mean you cant win em all!!!

my new phrase is shut it! brittany just realized that im wearing glasses.... theres a whale on brittanys shirt.... big macs are fun and amazingly yummy! in the tummy!

kate is working right now bitch ass hoe!!! but now this way shes earning money to buy julie a wonderful birthday present which btw people is in like 18 weeks.. which is like how many weeks left of school...

you know how it is rockin and rollin and what not...

yeah eat your heart out

with relish

just kidding brittany!!

alright brittany is making me get off now so were off to have tonz o funz... maybe sledding??? bc thats what all the cool kids do
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